TRIMEC FLOW PRODUCTS Multi-pulse Rotary Piston Flow Meters

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The Trimec Flow Products MP series has long been established as a simple but reliable metering principle providing high levels of accuracy & repeatability for a wide range of liquids from extremely viscous lubricants, chemicals & food bases to non conductive solvents & fuels.



Liquid enters into a precision machined chamber which contains an oscillating piston. The position of the piston divides the chamber into compartments containing an exact volume. The liquid pressure causes the piston to oscillate and rotate its centre hub. The movements of the hub are sensed through the meter wall by a series of magnets. Each revolution of the piston hub is equivalent to a fixed volume of liquid, which is indicated as flow by an indicator or totaliser. Close clearances between the piston and the chamber ensure minimum slippage of the liquid for highly accurate and repeatable measurement of each volume cycle.


Applications include alcohols, acetic acid, caustic soda, ethanol, fuels, grease, glucose, ink, insecticides, latex emulsions, liquid sugar, margarine, mayonnaise, molasses, resin, tallow, urethane, water, xylene & liquid yeast.


  • Insensitive to mounting orientation.
  • Measure low & high viscosity liquids.
  • Has only one moving part (oscillating piston).
  • Has no stagnate chambers to accumulate contaminants or stale products.
  • Certified Exd hazardous area versions in all sizes.
  • No need for flow conditioning (straight pipe run etc).
  • Limited number of spares parts needed to support the product.
  • Extremely compact and comparatively lightweight.