Applications & Liquid Characteristics

Viscosity General Information

The viscosity of a liquid is proportional to its resistance to shear. Of the three categories of viscosity Newtonians are most typical and include petroleum fluids, water & similar chemicals.

 Liquid Viscosity Samples

Samples of viscosities for various liquids

What type of flow meter is best for your application?

What must be known to select the right flow meter.

Pressure Drop Limitations on PD Flow meters

Positive displacement flow meters are an inexpensive means to accurately meter high viscosity clean liquids as high as 1 million centipoise however, the appropriate meter must be sized so that the pressure drop across the primary measuring elements (oscillating piston or oval rotor), does not exceed the maximum capability of either.

Oval Gear Characteristics

Accuracy and Pressure Drop

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Chemical Resistance Chart

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Application Data Forms

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