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Trimec Flow Products Pty Ltd, established in 2011 and based in Melbourne, Australia is an ISO9001:2015 certified company that manufactures a range of multi-pulse rotary piston flow meters and supplies a full range of positive displacement flow meters throughout the world.

Trimec Flow Products markets a range of oval gear flow meters, turbine flow meters, insertion flow meters, and impeller flow meters, ancillary flow hardware and dedicated electronic flow instrumentation.

The meters measure the flow of clean liquids and are produced in a wide variety of materials and configurations to suit most markets including the water, food, chemical, cosmetic, ink, pharmaceutical, paint, petroleum, automotive, naval and additive industries.

Trimec Flow Products has distributors in many countries of the world and is actively pursuing other opportunities in countries that are not yet represented.

Trimec-FP Multipulse MP Series Operation Video

or can be viewed on You Tube http://youtu.be/nTOhydR7wjc

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